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Spiderwebs on PUBTv
PUBTv will be in Tv!
29 and 30.12.2018 - 22:40pm at AT5

For this inaugural PUBTv broadcast we will share some contemplations on what it means to be, in an age of drones, smartphones and supposed no-go zones.

Part one explores what it means to be heterosexual, whereas part two is a an existentialist reflection on why we fight so hard to be seen.

Dispersed throughout the programme are bite-sized reflections upon contemporary society.

The original of meaning of the word broadcast was in reference to dispersing seed onto the ground, to make them grow.

PUBTv is a collective of cine, Tv, and streaming enthusiasts. Our aim is to share stories in as many ways as possible, in the hope that these seeds will take root.



Caustic Frolic  Magazine edition "Noise" Fall 2019
New Media edition including Spiderwebs and Ghetto of Angels

NYU   the Center for Experimental Humanities, Graduate School for Arts and Sciences, New York University.

Internet Yama-Ichi Black Market
November 4th 2018
Screening multiple films
@Tivoli Vredenburg

Telemagic x 1 Euro Cinema
Film Screening ‘SITD’
Museumnacht Amsterdam
November 3th 2018
@ Stedelijk Museum 


PUFF 2018 FILM TRAILER 菠蘿電影節 預告片 新鮮多汁、自家製造、電影態度 from ORIGIN EXPERIMENTA 

PUFF Hong Kong Film Festival 2018.
Film Screening ‘VIZION’
September 27th 2018 @ Lai Chi Kok The Space, Hong Kong


Cinema Studies (MA) 

Tisch the school of the Arts, NYU 

Kanbar Institute of Film and Television 

@New York, U.S.A. 

Hong Kong University Summer Institute 2018
Part of Video games Studies

@Hong Kong, CH.
June 24th - Jul 13th. 2018


Shadow Channel Assesments Show 2018. 
Film Screening ‘VIZION’
@FC-Hyena, Amsterdam, NL. 
June 17th 2018

Shadow Channel presents 'Hidden Layers' part of Sonic Acts Academy 2018
Multiscreening of 'FA.I.RIES' and 'The Ghetto of Angels'

after winning the Young master award of 2016 I am proud to be in the international jury for   the Young Masters Award of 2017.

Article on Bright TV by rtl.

'Scrolling into the deep' is part of  The 1 Euro Cinema is a cinematic oracle curated by TELEMAGIC showing video works made by over 30 artists questioning The Tele-Magic8Ball. The installation randomly screens a movie if you insert a 1 euro coin. @Worm Rotterdam, NL

Opening of groupshow 'Materialising the internet',
6 oktober 2017 @ Mu Art Space , eindhoven, NL.

Part of Mu Art Space group show: ‘Materialising the Internet’ with installation ‘Aura Cellular’ during the Dutch Design week 2017

@ Mu Art Space, Eindhoven

talkshow ‘Tussen Kunst & Glitch’
Estemating the value of ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
evening organised by SETUP Media Lab Utrecht and NFF Film Festival Interactive
@ de Nuede FestivalPaviljoen, Utrecht,  Sep 25th 2017

Part of Shadow Channel, ma in design film and propaganda. 
@ Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, NL

audio selfie bouncing my name to the moon and back  #stanfordsummer2017 #radioclub

Electrical Engineering  responsive music Led cube connected to whale ultrasounds  #stanfordsummer2017

Stanford Summer Session 2017
Intensive computer Science
Intensive Technology and Innovation
Selected to  be part of the Stanford Summer Marketing Team  2017
Video-/photographer & blogger/writer

ArtEZ Business & Innovation Blogger as Graphic Design Alumni 2016
Final Update June 10th 5/5

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Sandberg institute amsterdam, nl
shadow channel master 
A new temporary two-year master programme in film, design and propaganda
starting september 2017

Codaisseur Development Bootcamp
Beginner Bootcamp May 2017
HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript

ArtEZ Business & Innovation Blogger as Graphic Design Alumni 2016
Update 4 April

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Lecture for The Hmm (A real-life Tumblr on Visual Culture) including ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’ and recent work. 
@ FC Hyena, Amsterdam 

Screening and Q&A of Desktopfilm ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
for ‘LIMA Presents’: LIMA international platform that preserves,
distributes and researches media art

@ LIMA media art platform, Amsterdam

Officially part of the LIMA Collection

ArtEZ Business & Innovation Blogger as Graphic Design Alumni 2016
Update 3 Februari

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The Creators Project USA (VICE)
‘#Poolswiping: One Woman’s Quest to Make Sneaking into Hotel Pools Go Viral’
Posted on 20 Januari, 2017 by DJ Pangburn

Instagram Page #poolswiping

“[T]his #poolswiping concept [is] an act, a provocation of exclusivity,” she adds. “By cheating the system(s) of swiping five-star guest passes and making my way into the open-source waters of luxury and their pools (even sipping away complimentary water with slices of cucumber).”

ArtEZ Business & Innovation Blogger as Graphic Design Alumni 2016
Update 2 December

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My Desktop Film received the 2016 Young Master Award (Jury Prize)
@ The Media Art Festival in Leeuwarden
Including a one month artist residency for artistic research in Blanca, Spain!

Media Art Friesland (MAF)
@ Leeuwarden, Westerkerk
1-17 December, 2016

Img credit: 'A loveletter to Sea-shepherd' Exhibition 'Love & Fear' @ London Design Museum. 

Internship Metahaven
VInca Kruk & Daniel van der Velden
@Amsterdam, NL
Oct. - May. 2017

'Scrolling Into The Deep' on view during 'Users are People' exhibition
28. OCTOBER – 20. NOVEMBER 2016 
@ DEPOT BASEL in Basel, Switzerland

Opening 'Users are People' exhibition
28. OCTOBER 2016,   Basel, Switzerland.

∑ Summe-Wochenende 2016
Unter dem Zeichen ∑ — für Summe — versammeln sich erneut 19 unabhängige Projekträume aus dem Raum Basel und laden zu einem vielfältigen Programm ein.
@ Basel, Switzerland, Do, 03.11. - So, 06.11.2016

Mit: bblackboxx, Depot Basel, deuxpiece, DOCK, Dr. Kuckucks Labrador, FABRIKculture, FAQ Galerie, Hebel_121, invitro, Kaskadenkondensator, Keck Kiosk, kunsthallekleinbasel, OSLO10, Pataphysisches Institut Basel, Projektraum M54, Schwarzwaldallee, The Kitchen Aufderhoehe, Waschsalon, ZIP

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven @TAC, Vonderweg 1
IN REAL LIFE exhibition
With a selection of graduation projects from the last three years of Graphic Design Arnhem, IN REAL LIFE manifests current working methods of the department.

ArtEZ Business & Innovation Blogger as Graphic Design Alumni 2016
Update 1 October

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OPA Arnhemse Nieuwe 2016
September 22 @ Showroom Arnhem, NL
© Photo by Mascha Matijevic

Review by Geert Lebens


Valerie van Zuijlen ( - Graphic Design )

“Me, my MacBook and I.” Valerie van Zuijlen vertelt ons over haar relatie met haar MacBook die ontstond tijdens haar studie. Alle ins en outs van software leerde ze met een onvermoeibare toewijding. Haar computerscherm veranderde in een dynamisch landschap, een tweede realiteit. Wat haar opviel aan dit digitale landschap (of besturingssysteem) is het gebruik van elementen uit onze fysieke realiteit die gebruikt worden om in dit digitale landschap met ons te communiceren, zoals het prullenmandje, het documentenmapje, het envelopje, etc. Bovendien ontdekte ze de vele standaard features en digitale content voor vrij gebruik die in de software voorhanden zijn. Deze elementen gebruikte ze om verhalen te maken, van het poppetje uit Google Sketchup tot het konijntje en het theepotje in 3D cad software. Ineens kregen deze elementen een identiteit, ze werden personages. Door middel van screenshots, screen recordings en digitaal knip- en plakwerk ontstond uiteindelijk een animatiefilm.

OPA Arnhemse Nieuwe 2016
© Photo by Mascha Matijevic

GDA SummerSessions Mexico City 2016
Scholarship Award

Mister Motley Magazine
Graduation PopUp Blog Edition Selection Talented Graduation Students of 2016

ArtEZ Finals 2016 
© Promo by Inge Meijer 

ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2016
'Hello, World!'

Graphic Design and Interaction Design ArtEZ Finals 2016
@ Dudok Cafe Arnhem Centrum June - August 2016
© Photo by Jan-Willem Kaldenbach

RE: Forward Exhibition GDA ArtEZ Finals 2016
@ ArtEZ School of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands
July 1-3 2016

Internship Linked by Air
Tamara Maletic & Dan michaelson
@New york, U.S.A
Sep. - Dec. 2015

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