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As a graphic designer, filmmaker and digital artist I daily immerse myself into a personal relationship with technology. My interest is mainly based on the exploration of the digital wonderland I encounter while examining the digital interface from up close. By scrolling deeper and deeper into the digital 'rabbit hole'. Through the exploration of the interface and its limits and boundaries I try to find a loophole within this specific wonderland, which gives me the opportunity to interfere with it or to appropriate and re-contextiualize its verbal language ~outsourcing the media~. Thus I am capable to provide the possibility for the user to enter into an intimate relationship with this world from a potentially alienating 'scrolling' perspective.

From a strategic perspective I try to maintain the following rule of ~cheating is winning~; by first observing the interface and then finding a loophole to infiltrate within its own mechanism of providing. 

Winning from Technology / Digital Software Wonderland / Peculiar Unknown / Internet Metaphors / Reality Virtuality Physicality /  Failure to launch / Game Strategy Infastructure / Interactivity User / Outsourcing the media / Loopholes / Boundaries / Systems Mechanisms / Open-Source / Nature / Interface as method.


Valerie van Zuijlen
Amsterdam / NL
Miami  / U.S.A.


+ Cinema Studies (MA)
1,5 year master program
Kanbar Institute of Film and Television
Tisch The school of the arts, NYU
@New York, U.S.A
Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2019 

+ Introduction to Videogames Studies
Hong Kong University (HKU) Summer Institute 2018
@Hong Kong, CH.
June 24th - Jul 13th. 2018

+ Shadow channel (MA)
A new temporary two-year master program in film, design and propaganda
Sandberg Institute
@Amsterdam, NL
Oct. 2017 – Jul. 2019


+ Stanford University Summer 2017
Intensive computer Science, programming methodology (CS106A)
Intensive Technology and Innovation, Electrical Engineering (ENGR40M)
Selected for Stanford Summer Marketing Team
@Palo Alto, CA, U.S.A.
Jun. – Aug. 2017


+ Codaisseur Development Bootcamp
HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript
@Amsterdam, NL
May. 2017


+ Internship at Metahaven
Vinca Kruk & Daniel van der Velden
@Amsterdam, NL.
Oct. 2016 - May 2017


+ Graphic Design Arnhem Summer Sessions
@Mexico-City, MX
Aug. 5 - 22. 2016


+ Degree Bachelor (BA) Graphic Design
~Graduated with Excellence~
ArtEZ, Insitute of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL.
Jun. 2016


+ Internship at Linked by Air
Tamara Maletic & Dan Michaelson
@New York, USA.
Sep. - Dec. 2015


+ New York City study trip with GDA ArtEZ
Apr. 2015


+ Minor Generative Systems
Graphic Design Department, ArtEZ Institue of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL.
Sep. - Dec. 2014


+ Bachelor Graphic Design
ArtEZ, Insitute of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL. 
2011 – 2016


+ Degree Higher General Continued Education
R.S.G. Pantarijn (high school)
@Wageningen, NL
Jun. 2011


+ Higher General Continued Education (Havo)
R.S.G. Pantarijn (high school)
@Wageningen, NL
2006 – 2011



+ Aftermovie Exhibition ‘Materialising the Internet’ (2017)
for MU Art Space, Eindhoven, NL.


+ Interview ‘Summer Session Student Experience
for Stanford Summer’s 2017 Marketing Team


+ Article ‘#Poolswiping: One Woman’s Quest to Make Sneaking into Hotel Pools Go Viral’
for The Creators Project (U.S.A) VICE
posted on 20 Januari 2017 by DJ Pangburn


+ House blogger for ‘ArtEZ Business & Innovation
as Graphic Design Alumni of 2016


+ Article ‘Graduation PopUp Blog Edition
Mister Motley Magazine 2016


+ Promo video ‘ArtEZ Finals Talents 2016
by Inge Meijer


+ Article ‘Hello, World!
for ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2016


+ Personal Graduation Research Tumblr 2015/2016:




+ 'Hidden layers'
Immersive installation
Shadow channel x Sonic Acts Academy 2018
@Tolhuistuin, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL.

+ Media Art Friesland (MAF)
Part of international Jury for the Young Masters Award of 2017
@Leeuwarden, NL
Dec. 15. 2017


+ Telemagic 1 Euro Cinema
‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
@Worm, Rotterdam, NL
Oct. 11. 2017


+ Dutch Design Week 2017
Part of Mu Art Space group show: ‘Materialising the Internet’ with installation ‘The Aura Cellular’
@ Mu Art Space, Eindhoven, NL
Oct. 6 - Nov. 12. 2017
After movie:
article bright tv:

+ ‘Tussen Kunst & Glitch’
Estemating the value of ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
Talkshow evening organised by SETUP Media Lab Utrecht and NFF Film Festival Interactive
@ de Nuede Festival Paviljoen, Utrecht, NL
Sep. 5. 2017


+ The Hmm #7
Lecture for The Hmm (A real-life Tumblr) featuring recent work.
@ FC Hyena, Amsterdam, NL
Apr. 5. 2017


+ Screening and Q&A for ‘LIMA Presents’
‘Scrolling Into The Deep’ included into the
LIMA Collection; international platform that preserves, distributes and researches media art.
LIMA @ LAB111, Amsterdam, NL
Feb. 17. 2017


+ Media Art Friesland (MAF)
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
@ Westerkerk, Leeuwarden, NL
Dec. 1-17. 2016


+ Depot Basel
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
‘Users are People’ Exhibition
@ Depot Basel, CH
Oct. 28 - Nov. 20. 2016


+ ∑ Summe-Wochenende 2016
@ Basel, CH
Nov. 3-6. 2016


+ Dutch Design Week 2016
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
‘In Real Life’ Graphic Design Arnhem presents a selection of works.
@ TAC, Eindhoven, NL
Oct. 22-30. 2016


+ OPA Arnhemse Nieuwe 2016
@ Showroom Arnhem, NL
Sept. 22. 2016


+ GDA SummerSessions 2016 Mexico-City
Future Archeology Exhibition
@ Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote, Mexico-City
Aug. 20. 2016


+ ArtEZ Finals 2016
Forward Exhibition
@ ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
Jul.1-3. 2016


+ Participator Internet Yama-Ichi / Black Market
@ De brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL
May. 9-10. 2015


+ Template Culture Keynote Presentation
during the  ArtEZ Graduation Show of 2013
@ Slak, Arnhem, NL
Jul. 4. 2013


+ Collaborative work during internship at Metahaven, Amsterdam, NL.
Vinca Kruk & Daniel van der Velden
Oct. 2016 – May. 2017 

Metahaven presents a Love Letter to Sea Shepherd
‘Fear and Love’  Exhibition at the London Design Museum
24 November 2016 - 23 April 2017 

‘Xeno-Architecture’ design Flyer by Metahaven
April 2017

 ‘Possessed’ film by Metahaven
Assistant production and Data handler during filmshoot Amsterdam and Croatia
December 2016 - April 2017

+ Movie editing work for Onomatopee, Eindhoven. (2016)


+ Identity and curating tool for Étienne Hervy, Paris.
Collaboration with Berit Smit (2016) 


+ Collaborative work during internship at Linked by Air, New York, USA.
Tamara Maletic & Dan Michaelson
Sep. – Dec. 2015


+ Flyer Extrapool, Nijmegen. 
Collaboration with Hanna Rullman & Jeremy Jansen (2013)


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