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Known as a 24-year-old female (Graphic Designer, Digital Art and Filmmaker) from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Proxy life within Miami Beach, U.S.A. Currently living in NOHO Manhattan, NYC. Starting my (2nd) MA program in Cinema Studies at NYU Tisch. Graduated my Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design in 2016 (ArtEZ University of the Arts, NL) while rendering it out with my 2nd year of additional MA back in Amsterdam (Sandberg Institute of the Arts, Gerrit-Rietveldt Academy) in Design Film and Propaganda rephrased under the title of “Shadow Channel”.
During my studies I mainly focused on experimental graphic, interactive installations and film screenings. Which have been shown over multiple locations around Europe. Over the last three summer periods I expanded my quest within “Future Archaeology” in Mexico City (2016), Computer science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University (2017), Videogame Studies at the University of Hong Kong (2018).

 My work is mainly based on my daily immersive and personal relationship with Technology, which can be seen as an exploration of the digital wonderland I encounter while examining the digital interface from up close. By scrolling deeper and deeper into this so called digital ‘rabbit hole’.

I try to explore and exploit the use of its eternal interface by seeking the limits and boundaries it contains, to eventually succeed to find a loophole within this specific wonderland, which gives me the opportunity to interfere with its mechanism or to appropriate and re-contextualize its verbal language (~ outsourcing the media ~). Thus I am capable to provide the possibility for the user to enter into an intimate relationship with this world from a potentially alienating ‘scrolling’ perspective.

Winning from Technology / Digital / Software Wonderland / Peculiar Technology / Internet Metaphors / Reality Virtuality Physicality / Videogames / Interactivity / User / Outsourcing the media / Loopholes / Boundaries / Systems and Mechanisms / Open-Source / Nature / Interface as Method / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Vision / Drones / Surveillance / Control / Alienated Communication.  


Valerie van Zuijlen
Amsterdam / NL
NYC, Miami  / U.S.A.


Cinema Studies (MA)
1-2 year master program
Tisch The school of the arts, NYU
@New York, U.S.A
Sep. 2018 - Dec. 2019 

Introduction to Videogames Studies
Hong Kong University (HKU) Summer Institute 2018
@Hong Kong, CHina.
June 24th - Jul 13th. 2018

Shadow channel (MA)
A new temporary two-year master program in film, design and propaganda
Sandberg Institute
@Amsterdam, NL
Oct. 2017 – Jul. 2019


Stanford University Summer 2017
Intensive computer Science, programming methodology (CS106A)
Intensive Technology and Innovation, Electrical Engineering (ENGR40M)
Selected for Stanford Summer Marketing Team
@Palo Alto, CA, U.S.A.
Jun. – Aug. 2017


Codaisseur Development Bootcamp
HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript
@Amsterdam, NL
May. 2017


Internship at Metahaven
Vinca Kruk & Daniel van der Velden
@Amsterdam, NL.
Oct. 2016 - May 2017


Graphic Design Arnhem Summer Sessions
@Mexico-City, MX
Aug. 5 - 22. 2016


Degree Bachelor (BA) Graphic Design
~Graduated with Excellence~
ArtEZ, Insitute of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL.
Jun. 2016


Internship at Linked by Air
Tamara Maletic & Dan Michaelson
@New York, USA.
Sep. - Dec. 2015


New York City study trip with GDA ArtEZ
Apr. 2015


Minor Generative Systems
Graphic Design Department, ArtEZ Institue of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL.
Sep. - Dec. 2014


Bachelor Graphic Design
ArtEZ, Insitute of the Arts
@Arnhem, NL. 
2011 – 2016


Degree Higher General Continued Education
R.S.G. Pantarijn (high school)
@Wageningen, NL
Jun. 2011


Higher General Continued Education (Havo)
R.S.G. Pantarijn (high school)
@Wageningen, NL
2006 – 2011



Aftermovie Exhibition ‘Materialising the Internet’ (2017)
for MU Art Space, Eindhoven, NL.


Interview ‘Summer Session Student Experience
for Stanford Summer’s 2017 Marketing Team


Article ‘#Poolswiping: One Woman’s Quest to Make Sneaking into Hotel Pools Go Viral’
for The Creators Project (U.S.A) VICE
posted on 20 Januari 2017 by DJ Pangburn


House blogger for ‘ArtEZ Business & Innovation
as Graphic Design Alumni of 2016


Article ‘Graduation PopUp Blog Edition
Mister Motley Magazine 2016


Promo video ‘ArtEZ Finals Talents 2016
by Inge Meijer


Article ‘Hello, World!
for ArtEZ Finals Magazine 2016


Personal Graduation Research Tumblr 2015/2016:



SCreening VIZION Version 061718
September 27th opening night @ Lai Chi Kok The Space, Hong Kong

'Hidden layers'
Immersive installation
Shadow channel x Sonic Acts Academy 2018
@Tolhuistuin, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL.

Media Art Friesland (MAF)
Part of international Jury for the Young Masters Award of 2017
@Leeuwarden, NL
Dec. 15. 2017


Telemagic 1 Euro Cinema
‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
@Worm, Rotterdam, NL
Oct. 11. 2017


Dutch Design Week 2017
Part of Mu Art Space group show: ‘Materialising the Internet’ with installation ‘The Aura Cellular’
@ Mu Art Space, Eindhoven, NL
Oct. 6 - Nov. 12. 2017
After movie:
article bright tv:

‘Tussen Kunst & Glitch’
Estemating the value of ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
Talkshow evening organised by SETUP Media Lab Utrecht and NFF Film Festival Interactive
@ de Nuede Festival Paviljoen, Utrecht, NL
Sep. 5. 2017


The Hmm #7
Lecture for The Hmm (A real-life Tumblr) featuring recent work.
@ FC Hyena, Amsterdam, NL
Apr. 5. 2017


Screening and Q&A for ‘LIMA Presents’
‘Scrolling Into The Deep’ included into the
LIMA Collection; international platform that preserves, distributes and researches media art.
LIMA @ LAB111, Amsterdam, NL
Feb. 17. 2017


Media Art Friesland (MAF)
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
@ Westerkerk, Leeuwarden, NL
Dec. 1-17. 2016


Depot Basel
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
‘Users are People’ Exhibition
@ Depot Basel, CH
Oct. 28 - Nov. 20. 2016


∑ Summe-Wochenende 2016
@ Basel, CH
Nov. 3-6. 2016


Dutch Design Week 2016
Installation Desktop Film ‘Scrolling Into The Deep’
‘In Real Life’ Graphic Design Arnhem presents a selection of works.
@ TAC, Eindhoven, NL
Oct. 22-30. 2016


OPA Arnhemse Nieuwe 2016
@ Showroom Arnhem, NL
Sept. 22. 2016


GDA SummerSessions 2016 Mexico-City
Future Archeology Exhibition
@ Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote, Mexico-City
Aug. 20. 2016


ArtEZ Finals 2016
Forward Exhibition
@ ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, NL
Jul.1-3. 2016


Participator Internet Yama-Ichi / Black Market
@ De brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL
May. 9-10. 2015


Template Culture Keynote Presentation
during the  ArtEZ Graduation Show of 2013
@ Slak, Arnhem, NL
Jul. 4. 2013


Collaborative work during internship at Metahaven, Amsterdam, NL.
Vinca Kruk & Daniel van der Velden
Oct. 2016 – May. 2017 

Metahaven presents a Love Letter to Sea Shepherd
‘Fear and Love’  Exhibition at the London Design Museum
24 November 2016 - 23 April 2017 

‘Xeno-Architecture’ design Flyer by Metahaven
April 2017

 ‘Possessed’ film by Metahaven
Assistant production and Data handler during filmshoot Amsterdam and Croatia
December 2016 - April 2017

Movie editing work for Onomatopee, Eindhoven. (2016)


Identity and curating tool for Étienne Hervy, Paris.
Collaboration with Berit Smit (2016) 


Collaborative work during internship at Linked by Air, New York, USA.
Tamara Maletic & Dan Michaelson
Sep. – Dec. 2015


Flyer Extrapool, Nijmegen. 
Collaboration with Hanna Rullman & Jeremy Jansen (2013)


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