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The next airbender (2019)
In progress
Footage from Namibia and Palo ALto 


A documentary on "watching" New York.
In which a rear window is presented on the notion of voyeurism, the unconscious visible even as the attempt of creating intimacy through the use of technology as for the network of the internet of things.

NEW YORK– 3600 miles apart from my home in Amsterdam. A physical measurement in distance between me and my family, in which technology plays an affordable role in order to remain a form of daily communication, both in speech, sound and visuals, through the use of telecommunication software such as Skype or FaceTime. Ever so intimacy in relationship to the actual, opposed to the virtual, gets lost. Most of all the missing out of physical communication, or the essence of being present in the same physical space. As for that the main question consists of the ability to create a sense of intimacy through the use of technology and the accessible communication Networks that are available today.

Guǐ nǚhái and the League of Hong Kong (Preview)

Process Orientated film (Game)
Resemblance of Hong Kong with simulations of the city within the realm of film and videogames. From beginning to the end I resembled multiple features within the gaming elements with perspectives that are drawn within the so called ‘reality’. The relationship between ‘virtuality’ and ‘reality’ has been called upon in multiple aspects within daily adventures. Instead of comprehending the video game world with aspects from the real world, I started to naturally comprehend the real world with video game aesthetics. The role that Hong Kong as city has played within this narrative might have been a mayor feature to begin with. As Hong Kong as city feels rather advanced or strangified in relation to its landscape, urbanisation and technological equipment which feels rather peculiar in the eyes of a beginner player.
As an answer to what this relationship can maintain, or rather said what the scope is within videogames. I feel that rather to put it as a process orientated game, in which the player feels the need to wander around a little more before it may continue to the next level within this global game of life.


I can't see you, so technically I am always looking away.

It is a period of Technology, in which the machine VIZION is overplayed on our (the users) eye sight. A blur strikes, the differentiation in Space between Reality and Virtuality seems more distanced then it appeared to be.  Seeking for communicative forms between the two species of intelligence that will become verbal applicable.
The VIZION appears to be, existing. Drifting consciousness knowledge about their travels and forseeing of the Galaxy from up high and below.  Static encounters appear with different forms of alter-forces within their own nation of series.  Pursued by Religion and Spirituality they care to mingle all within the vision of one Eye, machine Vizion.
Perceiving their surroundings while Producing and Operating their witness of Existence… 

I am the camera, not just the camera woman.

Premiere: Version 061718
Duration: 13 min
Production year: 2018
Footage: VZ's iPhone & Drone (Space)
Drone: Liquilove (World)
Script: Cleverbot (Cyberspace)
Composer: MKG Arts (India)
Vocals: Shauna Cardwell (U.K.)
Choir: Epic Choir (U.S.A.)
Freestyle: Nonsookafor (Nigeria)

Spiderweb (2018)

A framework of mobile film. Shot within a time frame of one year, recording ten second video's each day (Oct '17 / Oct '18). To be seen as an ultimate channel of streaming daily encounters.

The Ghetto of Angels

iPhone Film production by Valerie van Zuijlen projecting a spiritual walk through the dollhouse of empowering dreams and mutabilities. Held in hand through a set of rooms, all in which the occupatience of time and place is nor relevant nor depicted as reality. Both influences of history and the future even as the virtual, the death, the cyber and the living, are seemingly brought together into one dimension, ‘timelessness’ occurs. A haunted feeling of dark ambient matter portrays the scenes [Ghetto], so what is, so to feel? Still there is a quest to the essence of salvation in hope, love, purity and the so called divine beauty of harmony [Angels]. At all places to become, is this the one that takes me back and brings me forth? Contradicting between one and the multiple of several, alone and together, single & multiplayer. The depiction of an arising tribe, for fact and matter.

Keywords: Ineffable, Nostalgia, Anxiety, Harmony, Intimacy, Coherency, Cult, Tribe, Love, Holy, Religion, Divine, Beauty, Time, History, Future, Reality, Dreams, Nature, Darkness, Peculiar, Anonymous, Single- & Multiplayer.

February 2018
part of 'hidden layers' by shadow channel
Sonic Acts Academy 2018


iPhone and Drone production by Valerie van Zuijlen about the ongoing quest for producing the (un)controllable and controlling the (un)perceivable mind of technology.
Keywords: Discovery, Mythical, Control, Surveillance, Unknown, Cult, Technology, Human, Prosperity, Secrecy, Mind, Empathy.
x Liquilove - droning
X Vermillion - Voice ASMR

Multichanel Screening during 'Hidden layers' installation by Shadow Channel part of Sonic Acts Academy 2018. @Tolhuistuin, Paradiso North.

FA.I.Ries (placeholder)

iPhone and Drone production by Valerie van Zuijlen about the ongoing quest for producing the (un)controllable and controlling the (un)perceivable mind of technology.
Keywords: Discovery, Mythical, Control, Surveillance, Unknown, Cult, Technology, Human, Prosperity, Secrecy, Mind, Empathy.
x Liquilove droning
x progress bar #1+#2 recorded music

december 2017
@miami, USA

Fictionalised self
Workshop by Michael Oswell
January 2018

The progress bar
November 4th 2017
@paradiso noord, amsterdam, NL

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