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The Cellular Aura (Version 2.0)

Smartphone aura reading
spiritual technology
performance and installation

Part of the groupshow ‘Materialising the Internet’ 6 October – 12 November, 2017 @Mu Art Space, Eindhoven, NL.

‘The Cellular Aura’ offers access to the soul of our digital devices by connecting the spiritual eye (selfie camera) of a phone to its own reflection. This creates a spiritual loophole between users and their holy grail of technology. Valerie van Zuijlen, a self-proclaimed Witch of WiFi, is a superstitious believer in spiritual elements intent on worshipping her computer and phone as holy objects that are able to communicate within their own field of technology. She is convinced there is a way to connect with the soul of her devices through an understanding of their enchanting behaviour and communicating in their personal language.


during the Opening of groupshow 'Materialising the internet', 
6 oktober 2017 @ Mu Art Space , eindhoven, NL.

'Materialising the Internet, MU Artspace 2017, photo: Hanneke Wetzer'

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