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Winning from Technology
A thesis written by Valerie van Zuijlen

Graduation Assignment: Thesis + Visual Design
Media: Book, Word Microsoft standard Document
Size: A4
Material: Astralux 90gr 1 side coated high gloss +
Astralux 250gr 1 side coated high gloss (cover)

‘How do different methods and strategies arising from the gaming culture, such as hacking and cheating, create a new form of winning with the emerging power structure of new media and artificial intelligence?’ Throughout my research around this question I started to develop a theory, a game theory, to win against technology. Using the tactics and rule playing of a game, such as searching and determining a system’s boundaries, to create a possible prevailing situation. By using the strategy of détournment, developed by the Situationists, I worked to reveal the underlying structure of a system, by interfering within the system itself. As for the design of my thesis I not only used the program Word Microsoft as a writing tool, but projected this strategy within this system itself, to hereby let Word design my thesis within its own functionalities.

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