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The New Aztetic

summersession 2016
Spiritual Technology ~ Aura Celular Lectura

Projecting the new aesthetic of the internet culture on the ancient Aztec aesthetics.
Re-projecting this observation by projecting the ancient Aztec culture on the internet aesthetics.

The concept of spiritual technology; intending technology to have a soul, or a spirit of its own.
Influenced by the low-fi digital aspects within the street culture of Mexico-City in combination with the spiritual religious ness that strikes you in certain areas of the city. I intended to go to the so called Mexican ‘witch market’; Sonora Market and was able to suggest the thought of getting an IPhone reading and a MacBook Cleanse of my own personal devices.

A quick side note; I, a superstitious believer in spiritual elements intend to worship my MacBook and IPhone as holy objects, which are able to communicate within their own field of technology. I hereby am convinced there is a way to connect with the soul of my devices through understanding the unknown enchantment behavior of my device.

The experience of doing this session which allowed me to get access to several personal details about the so called ‘very sweet and very important internet’ and that ‘to see things, take a look on the internet’. Getting rid of the ‘badly-charged’ vibes on my computer by purifying it with some kind of natural herbs led me to the entire display of this worship of my technological goods.

I tried to get access to this immaterial spirituality which was re-called through my devices, by letting their eyes see upon each other. Reflecting both their camera’s, which I would like to refer to as the digital eye, at each other in which an aura occurred of different colors of light. The same colors as the low-fi led-disco tendencies you are able to buy on the local streets.

This effect, I would like to refer to as a Cellular Aura Reading, which can be done through any local device from the citizens of Mexico City.

IPhone reading and MacBook cleanse at Sonora Witch Market Mexico-City

(No technology or pictures allowed..)

Pictures taken by GDA during exposition "Arqueologia Futura" at Casa del Hijo del Ahuizote

Aura Reading IPhone 6+ Valerie

Visual registration of personal reading of devices at Sonora Witch Market

Spiritual Technology; intending technology to have a soul, or a spirit of its own.
By creating an altar for my Macbook and Iphone I intend to worship these technological devices.
And try to create a spiritual loophole by reflecting these devices upon eachother, through their spiritual eye (webcam).
As result an Aura Cellular reading.

Google Translate Audio Voice Over during Exposition

First turn on the photo camera of your phone.

Please hand me your device to start the aura reading.

Take a look at your cellular aura on the monitor.

You now are a witness of your device its spirit.

Thank you for being part of this spiritual experience!


Primera vez en la cámara de fotos de su teléfono.

Por favor, dame el dispositivo para iniciar la lectura del aura.

Echar un vistazo a tu aura celular en el monitor.

Ahora es un testigo de su dispositivo de su espíritu.

Gracias por ser parte de esta experiencia espiritual!


IPhone Prayer arranged by Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Spreads for Opensource Catalog arranged by Femke Herregraven

Page in "Catalogo de Objetos" arranged by Diego Flores Magón


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