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A New Way of Sharing
'All Pretty Things'

Practical Project for Étienne Hervy

w/ Berit Smit

Curating tool

We designed a small and intimate sharing platform for Étienne Hervy, former organizer of the Chaumont Poster Festival (Festival International de l'Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont) in France.

Containing a New way of sharing and curating the exhibition space.

We designed a platform based on an email server and used this as a tool to design a new way of showcasing the exhibition. By forwarding imagery of the displayed works from a current exhibition a long thread of works will function as a perceptive 'walk', an scroll through the exhibition space. The act of scrolling has an almost cinematic effect; the further you scroll down, the more you will find. 

The captured works within the E-mail thread, the so called 'E-stones' are downloadable and will be re-aranged upon your dekstop. By changing the desktop wallpaper into a picture of the exhibited exhibition itself, the screening and placement of the files upon this wallpaper will have the following function of a so called E-Shelf. 

Installation during the exhibition 'Forward' at the ArtEZ Arnhem Finals 2016 (NL)

Documentation E-Goodies (Analog E-Mail)

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