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Generative System

A generative system based on the way a turning table spins in combination with the aspect of handwritten type. Four variants: Uppercase, Lowercase, mixed uppercase and lowercase, process of the letter A (drawing the letter A based on the previous drawing).

As digital registration a poster with all the variants in a type-able font and a book that contains the type in the original scale format of the record (250x250mm). 

As analogue registration four album covers which contains all the analogue handwritten variants of the typeface. 

As specialisation an enlarged turning table together with enlarged paper records (1250x1250mm). 

The original records discs could also work as a kind of toll. The hole is the actual size of a crayon.

The aspect of generative comes along in the way every time the letter you draw will be different because of the hand movement. Besides every person has his own unique handwriting which leads to its own letterform. 

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Inzoom combination uppercase with lowercase

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