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Botanic Forest

What would happen when we could only plant trees online?
digital community garden

Starting with the phrase of three words; Digital Nature Surrealism, I got interested in the interaction between presenting physical nature in a digital atmosphere and vice versa. Especially the perception of reality in a physical or digital environment and the different properties nature brings along amongst these different platforms of reality. 

Eventually I created a context with a starting question for my research topic: ‘What if we can only plant trees online?’

I ‘hacked’ the processing codes of various trees on the website of Snappy Tree, a platform which allows you in a minimal way to change parameters of branches and leafs of realistic re-generated tree models. By changing the codes of these original ‘tree seeds’ I managed to make or as I would like to say re-crossed my own tree species in a digital environment. 

Playing with presenting a physical form of nature into the digital world and by bringing this digital form back into the physical world with the same properties I find fascinating. The idea of recreating a forest as an open source platform like a community garden, which allows you to create your own tree and plant it in the Botanic Forest.

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