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The 360 Academy

‘Form follows format’
Template Culture

Reaction to the idea in which we as designers are living in a world of templates and using these as consumers instead of inventors.

I chose the topic of nature as our daily template, from which we could learn and evolve our own systems. Hereby I created a new schoolsystem based on nature's cycles, called the 360 Academy. The flyer contains the manifest of the 360 Academy together with explaining graphics on their ideas and believes. 

Quoting myself out of the publication Template culture:

The 360º Academy – Valerie van Zuijlen
In their manifest The 360º Academy subscribes their believes and ideas for an innovated education system. They use nature as their design tool and mimicked nature’s processes and cycles. This could be seen as a form of Biomimicry, a study that uses nature for design solutions.
The 360º Academy believes that using nature’s processes in an education system will lead to innovation for the capability of learning, inspiration and ideas for the students. In the manifest, The 360º Academy describes how this system works.

Collective publication together with other students on the topic 'template culture'. Everyone got 4 spreads to identify his own subject.

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