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De Diedenweg 

Google Maps

Project based on the privacy option for 'blurring' your house in Google Street view.
Besides using this 'privacy tool' for blurring your own house I managed to erase my entire street.
As a registration I created a publication in which are shown two pictures of the houses in my street. Screenshots of the houses before the blurring and screenshots after the houses are blurred by Google. 

URL Google Maps:,+6703+GW+Wageningen 

My house before 

My house after


De Diedenweg

Media: Poster
Size: 700x80 cm
Material: Semi luster photo 250gr paper


Panoramic streetview of both sides of the street. Giving the audience the feeling of actually walking through the street like in Google street view itself, by blowing up both side views of the street. 

Panorama view left side of the street

Panorama view right side of the street

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